Reach busy parents by posting on social media at least once a week during your sale. EPI offers free tools to help you promote your sale on social media and other digital channels. You can download these free templates and images below on this page.

Here are some additional tips when using social media to promote your sale.

  • Add visuals to get parents’ attention. EPI has developed images and text templates you can use in email and social media. Choose from those customized for your sale as well as other reminder images.
  • Create your own images and videos. Have a little fun and take pictures of your teachers, parent group leads, principal and more holding the EPI sample pack. 
  • Don't forget the text in your post is just as important as the image. Below you'll find suggested post text to use with each image. Be sure to customize the text to fit your school and sale. 
  • Don’t forget to include the link to the online ordering website in all your communications. Make it easy for parents to click and buy.
  • Encourage Sharing. Unfortunately, social media is a popularity contest. The more people that like or share a post means it will reach more people. Posting something on your Facebook page does not guarantee your followers will see it. Only a small percent will have the post show up in their newsfeed. But, if others like and share it, then Facebook display it to more people. So, ask your group leaders, teachers, administration and other parents to like and share your posts.
  • Frequency is key. Not all parents will see the email or social media post. We suggested that you communicate with parents multiple times to help you succeed. Here is a recommended schedule for your email and social media communications. Don't forget to post everywhere... Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. (Click here to learn how the schedule a post on your Facebook page)
  • Consider paying to boost your posts to reach more people. Even a small budget of $25 can go a long way to reach more people. You can target your boosted posts to only be visible to followers of your page so you don't waste your budget.