Successful schools have told us they need about 6 weeks prior to school letting out for the summer to run their sale. This ensures you have enough time to connect with parents and encourage them to participate. Below is a calendar to help you put together your plan for success in 2022.

There are three main sale windows for an EPI school supply program.

Main Sale

  • This is when you want the majority of your parents to order a pack.
  • Run your sale for 6 weeks before the last day of school.
  • If you use paper order forms, be sure to collect these prior to your website closing.

Late Order Sale

  • Allows parents extra time to order a pack if they missed out on the Main Sale.
  • Due to the short turnaround time on these orders, items may be substituted.
  • We suggest increasing your price during this period to motivate parents to buy in the Main Sale time frame.
  • Minimum of 12 packs must be ordered.

Direct-to-Parent Sale

  • Your group earns 3% on all orders through September.
  • Perfect for parents that couldn’t order during your Main or Late Order Sales.
  • Pricing includes the cost of shipping and is the EPI standard retail price.
  • Packs are shipped from our warehouse 1 to 3 business days after their order.
  • The items may not be the same as your main order, but all items will fulfill the requirements of your school list. If certain items are not available in this program your parents will know at the time of their order.