Over a million students were impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the historic floods across Southeast Texas. In the coming weeks and months students in over 200 school districts will need school supplies as they head back to the classroom. You can help by sponsoring school supply packs for students in need.

iHeartMEDIA New Orleans and Educational Products, Inc. (EPI) present the Texas Flood Relief School Supply Drive. Each pack is about $8 each and will be donated to families in the Houston and Southeast Texas areas. Plus, EPI will donate 1 pack for every 4 packs sponsored as part of this school supply drive. That's a 25% match to help more children get the tools they need to learn.








Why are school supplies needed?

One million students across the region are impacted in some way by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the historic floods. Thousands of students will be transferring to new schools and others lost everything in their homes and are starting over. Most will not have the basic school supplies they need to head back to the classroom. As the weeks and months progress, they will need to replenish these supplies to continue their studies. We don't want a lack of school supplies to prevent children from being able to learn. You can help ease their recovery by sponsoring school supplies for these children.


Why is iHeartMEDIA New Orleans & EPI sponsoring this school supply drive?

Helping our neighbors is important for both iHeartMEDIA New Orleans and EPI. The path to recovering from this disaster will be long and challenging for many families. We want to help ease their recovery by giving them one less thing to worry about when their children head to back to school.

With so much support coming from Texas over the years to help disasters in Louisiana, iHeartMEDIA New Orleans wants to give back to their neighbors just across the border in Texas impacted by the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

EPI is a prepackaged school supply company based in Texas for over 35 years. With offices and employees located in the Houston and Southeast Texas area, our heart goes out to our neighbors. We see the need for school supplies first hand and we wanted a way to increase the number of families we could support. Therefore, we reached out to iHeartMEDIA New Orleans to help by co-sponsor a school supply drive. Plus, EPI is offering a 25% donation match of all supplies raised through this school supply drive. That means for every 4 packs sponsored by you, we'll add in another pack to the relief efforts.

Through our combined efforts we hope to help thousands of children across Texas.


How can I help?

Purchase one or more school supply packs online by clicking on the "Sponsor School Supplies Now" button above. Each pack is $7.39 plus sales tax. In most areas, that will total $8 each.


How does the Educational Products, Inc. 25% Match program work?

At the end of the school supply drive, EPI will donate an additional 25% of the packs to the relief effort. If 10,000 packs are sponsored through this program, EPI will add 2,500 more to help even more children. The more you give, the more we give.


What is in each school supply pack?

 Each pack contains items for a wide range of ages in grades K-12.

  • Pocket & Brad Folders (5 total)
  • Wide Rule Filler Paper (200 count)
  • Colorations Crayons (24 pack)
  • Colored Pencils Presharpened (12 pack)
  • Sharp 5” Scissors
  • Yellow Highlighter
  • No2 Yellow Pencils (12 count)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Colorations Purple Small Washable .32 oz Glue Stick (2 total)
  • Marble Comp Book (Wide Rule 100 pages)
  • Red Medium Stick Pen
  • Blue Medium Stick Pen (3 total)
  • Nylon Pencil Bag


Who will receive the packs?

One or more Independent School Districts in the Houston and Southeast Texas areas will receive the school supply packs at the end of the school supply drive. We will work closely with these school districts to determine the greatest need. Each school district will be responsible for distributing packs to individual schools and families.

The exact Independent School Districts that will receive the packs will depend on the number of packs sponsored through this program. We hope to be able to donate packs to many different Independent School Districts in the Southeast Texas area. As we know more, we will post a full detail of where packs were donated.


When will families receive the school supplies?

The online donatin drive will run through at least September 24, 2017. At that time we will begin shipping orders to Houston and Southeast Texas ISDs to distribute to families. If we continue to see support, we will extend the online donation drive and continue to help families as long as people are giving. 


Why is there sales tax added when I sponsor a pack?

Educational Products, Inc. is not a nonprofit 501(c) organization. Therefore, we are required by law to add sales tax to all online purchases. We wanted packs to be about $8 each, therefore, they are priced at $7.39 each. Upon checkout when sales tax is added, your total should be about $8 each depending on your local sales tax rate. 


I represent a business or organization seeking to sponsor a large number of school supply packs. Who do I contact?

If your organization is looking to sponsor 100 or more packs, please contact Educational Products, Inc. by clicking here and filling out the form. An EPI representative that works with companies and organizations in your area will contact you.


I am a school or school district in need of school supplies? Who do I contact?

If you represent an Independent School District in the Southeast Texas area and are looking to receive school supplies as part of this program, please contact the EPI Outreach Program at outreach@educationalproducts.com


My family needs school supplies. Who do I contact?

Our heart goes out to you and your family as you recover from this disaster. We are unable to make donations of school supplies directly to individual families in need. We recommend that you reach out to your Independent School District to see what support they have available immediately for you and your family during this difficult time. Other organizations to seek help include the American Red Cross, United Way and Salvation Army.


Who is the media contact for the program?

Media inquiries please contact: Jennie O'Leary, EPI Marketing Director at marketing@educationalproducts.com or 800-365-5345